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A Gorgeous Dried Floral Arrangement is Easy, Learn How

When you think of a dried floral arrangement you don’t often times think, “chic and modern.” Most likely, dried floral arrangements will spark memories of preserved prom corsages circa 1998 or a bouquet of a dozen roses turned upside down and nailed to the wall of your college dorm room.

We’ve all done it. 

Dried Florals Are Popular

dried florals on dark wood table

But dried florals, even preserved leaves and wheat, are becoming more popular as home décor items. Remember about six months ago when every influencer on Instagram started busting out cans of cheap hairspray and cutting down pampas grass off the side of the freeway??

Yeah, that was only the beginning.  

"Dried florals, preserved grasses, wheat, leaves, and pods can serve as beautiful sculpture elements inside your home.  They add unique interest while remaining within a neutral color palette that’s still on trend when it comes to interiors."

A Dried Floral Arrangement In Your Kitchen

Pretty dried floral arrangement in aqua colored vase

A simple vase on your kitchen countertop with a few white spear palms, soft Bunny Tails, a bundle of bleached Ruscus Leaf, and earthy Lotus Pods will create a modern and minimal arrangement that will last forever.

Pair Dried Florals with Braid & Wood

Dried floral arrangement in vase shown with hanging planter

Smaller bud vases like the ones pictured below include white spear palms, bleached Ruscus leaves, blonde wheat, a soft sage millet, and a singular white spiked Thistle. It’s modern, chic, and also makes a great gift that’s easy to ship or wrap up in a box.

"You can even pair it with a Braid & Wood Plant Hanger in medium or large and suspend the entire arrangement from your ceiling or style it effortlessly on any flat surface."

The same type of dried florals used above can also be used to style the Braid & Wood Plant Shelf. This simple arrangement looks beautiful in our Plant Shelf.

Simple Steps for Creating Your Own Dried Floral Arrangement

  1. Mix different textures together! Smooth grasses, harsh and spiky thistles, and bumpy blooms. 
  2. Pull florals, grasses, and leaves all within the same color palette, this will make the final arrangement look more modern.
  3. Be sure to layer and also place the elements of your arrangement at varying heights, that will make it interesting.
  4. Place a piece of floral foam in the bottom of your vessel and then gently insert the stems into the foam, this will keep everything in place.

We’re incorporating more and more living things into our homes these days. But with any living thing comes maintenance, care, and more responsibilities we may not have time for.

"That’s another reason dried florals are all the rage, you can set it and forget it! No watering, no dying, and NO BUGS!" 

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