gold modern hanging planter by braid and wood sitting on teal nightstand

Instructions for...

The Hanging Cord

Watch this video & learn how to tie the perfect knot to suspend your planter the right way!

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gold plant hanger ceiling hook, wall anchor and top hanging ring

Instructions for...

Ceiling Anchor & Hook

Watch this video & learn how to install our custom ceiling anchor and hook.

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hand holding large velutina air plant

Make Your Large V-Hanger Shine

The Best Air Plants

Here's a few of our favorite air plants to style your new Large V-Hanger.

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person holding large braid & wood v-hanger in white and white oak with air plant

V-Hanger Styling Tip

Modern Living Wall

Here's how we used three Braid & Wood V-Hangers to create a modern & minimal living wall.

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person holding mini blush terracotta pot with air plant next to white plant shelf by braid & wood

Make Your Plant Shelf Shine

The Best Air Plants

Our favorite air plants to style with your new Braid & Wood Plant Shelf.

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three modern plant shelves hanging above bed

Plant Shelf Styling Tip

Modern Bedroom

Check out how we used Braid & Wood Plant Shelves in this neutral & modern bedroom.

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