modern hanging planters by Braid & Wood

Modern Plant Hangers To Easily + Beautifully Style Your Indoor Plants

Whether you’re a proud and seasoned plant parent, or just toying with the idea of turning your thumb green, styling indoor plants with plant hangers & plant stands has never been easier. Braid & Wood offers gorgeous suspended and wall-mounted designs, allowing you to showcase your budding beauties while being conscious of space. Think modern and minimal, with a little bit of shine.

If your looks for something more statement worthy, check out their newly launched line of modern plant stands, complete with spun aluminum vessels and offered in a variety of trend-setting colors. 

Owner and designer Jennifer Braidwood favors natural materials like wood, metal, leather and cotton, drawing inspiration from modern & minimalistic design aesthetics. 

Plant Hangers - Elevate Your Plants

modern hanging planters suspended in livingroom and styling with trailing pothos houseplants

Elevating your plants (literally and figuratively) is now a simple and satisfying process with artfully crafted plant hangers and shelves. Hanging kits featuring 100% organic cotton cords and chic brass hardware round out the look and make indoor plants feel like a living art experience. 

Springtime calls for a rejuvenating home refresh. Let’s introduce your audience to a delightful way to breathe some life and fresh air into their homes with Braid & Wood. 

Types of Hanging Planters

Plant Hanger ($24.00 - $53.00): The Plant Hanger is three-dimensional and looks its best when suspended from your ceiling with your favorite potted plant. However, it can also be styled effortlessly on a flat surface. 

V-Hanger ($29.00 - $46.00): The V-Hanger offers a contemporary twist on air plant accessorizing. This piece of modern wall decor is the perfect nesting spot for air plants. 

Plant Shelf ($34.00 - $46.00): The Plant Shelf is the perfect accessory for the indoor plant lover. The INCLUDED POT showcases small succulents & air plants all while remaining minimal & modern. 

Vessels ($9.00 - $39.00): Enjoy a blend of high design & thoughtful functionality. Lightweight, practically unbreakable, and finished in three beautifully neutral tones.About Braid & Wood

Plant Stands ($39.00 - $139.00): Braid & Wood Plant Stands will help you bring more life into your home in a way that's modern, minimal, and elevated. Designed with five trend-setting colors and available in tall or tabletop sizes. Includes the spun aluminum vessel.

Visit the Braid & Wood store to shop & explore more modern home decor products for plant lovers! 

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