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Air Plant Care: Keep Your Air Plants Alive + Beautiful

If you aren’t familiar with air plants or air plant care, here are a few things you need to know in order to impress your less informed friends.

Air Plant Care: How To Keep Air Plants Alive & Looking Beautiful

velutina air plant

No Soil, No Problem

  • Most air plants are epiphytes meaning they do not grow in soil, so don't plant them! They can grow and thrive without soil... one of the reasons why air plants pair perfectly with Braid & Wood V-Hangers.
  • Even though air plants don't need soil, they still need air, light & water to survive.


  • Water your air plant once a week. Simply run your air plant under the faucet (be sure to protect the root, the base of the air plant and don’t drench it with water) and then let it dry upside down with the root facing up for 1 to 3 hours before putting it back. Make sure the plant is completely dry.
  • Air plants also love a light misting every now and then, so do that. You can snag an inexpensive mister bottle on Amazon, like this one.
  • Be sure to do your watering in the morning
  • If you want to get super fancy give your air plants a little dip in some rain water or the glass of water that's been sitting on your nightstand all day, they love that.


  • Air plants love bright natural indirect sunlight. Rooms with southern or eastern exposure work the best. 
  • If your home is super warm with lots of bright light, water your air plant more often. If your home is dark and cool, water less.

"Air plants will also tell you what they need if you pay attention. If their leaves are curling and folding in it means they're thirsty. If their leaves are falling off and the root of the plant is black it means you overwatered. Usually by that point it's too late to save them." 

Overwatering is the number one killer of air plants so remember, just once a week and you'll have a beautiful and thriving air plant for a long time. 

For a lot more in-depth information on air plants & air plant care, check out this great article on what air plant need to thrive.  

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