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Top 10 Benefits of Indoor Plants, Health, Wellness, and More

No one can deny how elegant and pleasing a display of greenery in our indoor spaces can look. But the benefits of indoor plants don’t stop with their looks.

Whether you choose to display them hanging over the window, or on our gorgeous V-Hangers, or even just a huge oversized statement palm, houseplants can bring a wealth of advantages. 

Join us in our article to discover some of the benefits of indoor plant displays and why you should introduce plants into your space.

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Not only do indoor plants bring numerous benefits and pleasure simply by their looks, but they also increase humidity, reduce stress, bring positivity, aid productivity, focus, lower anxiety, and can also help with air cleansing by absorbing toxins in the air. 

So can growing different varieties of your favorite greenery indoors actually help to make homes, workplaces, and even schools a better environment? 

Let’s find out more below. 

The Benefits Of Indoor Plants – An Overview 

a variety of potted houseplants grouped together on table

We are used to seeing potted houseplants around nicely decorated homes or huge trees in places such as hotels, but it appears that even if by accident, these natural decorations can bring us a long list of health benefits.

So before we head into more detail let’s take a look at the quick list of our top ten benefits of indoor plants. 

Top Ten Benefits Of Indoor Houseplants 

  1. Houseplants can make us simply just happy
  2. A display of indoor plants can increase concentration
  3. Adding houseplants to interiors can help with privacy and noise cancellation
  4. Houseplants can reduce fatigue, and keep us more alert
  5. Indoor houseplants can help to purify the air
  6. Adding a range of beautiful houseplants to your home can Increase humidity
  7. Removes harmful toxins
  8. Boosts healing and can increase pain tolerance
  9. Reduce anxiety and stress
  10. Reduces headaches

1. Plants Can Help Make Us Happy Simply By Their Looks 

This is probably one of the simplest and most understood benefits of creating an indoor oasis with your favorite houseplants. 

A carefully selected indoor houseplant arrangement can help to lift your spirits and improve your moods. 

Surrounding yourself with greenery is said to trigger important uplifting chemical reactions in our brains which help to naturally increase contentment and moods.

It's also been identified by scientists that soil also contains microbes that release extra serotonin.

2.  House Plants Increase Concentration

According to new research, having a display of super stylish minimal houseplants can help increase concentration levels. 

Recent research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology describes how houseplants either in your work or home office can increase focus.

By the simple act of letting your eyes be drawn to the foliage and shapes of indoor greenery, your internal systems can be reset and allow you to return back to your work with renewed vigor! 

3. Adding Greenery Can Provide Privacy And Cancel Noise In Open-Plan Areas

Most of us understand that plants can help to make your living or working environment a more relaxing place to be, but they can also be useful room dividers. 

Many open-plan areas either at work or at home can benefit from an array of greenery placed strategically to give some privacy. Open plan floor spaces can also be quite noisy environments and with a selection of the best minimal plants and hangers, they can help absorb noise levels for busy offices. 

This also works fabulously in larger living areas and kitchen/dining areas. Especially those with flagstone and other types of hard flooring. 

A beautifully elegant display of your favorite houseplants can add noise cancellation to areas without soft furnishing.

4. House Plants Can Reduce Fatigue 

boho style bedroom with a variety of indoor plants

Along with improving concentration as we discovered earlier, plants arranged stylishly in your living spaces or home office can help you keep more alert. 

Make that mid-afternoon slump a thing of the past by arranging plants on stylish hanging planters, over windows, or on your desk. 

Research from scientists from the University of Life Sciences in Sweden discovered that indoor greenery had a positive effect on tiredness and mental fatigue.

5. Indoor Plants Can Help Purify The Air 

modern hanging planters with pothos plants next to window

With scientists uncovering that there are five times more pollutants lurking in indoor spaces than outside in nature, it’s worth knowing that plants can help to clean and purify indoor toxins. 

The plants we keep to decorate our interiors photosynthesize and turn the carbon dioxides breathe out into oxygen, and can also help remove harmful gasses from the air by what’s known as ‘absorption’. 

Indoor greenery can help filter out air particles such as formaldehyde, ammonia in some window cleaners, and also trichloroethylene which can be found in varnishes and paints. 

6. Increase Humidity With Houseplants 

Photosynthesis as we’ve just found out can help keep the air clean, but it also can be attributed to why plants help keep moisture in the air indoors. 

up close plant leaves with water droplets resting on leaves

Along with their own respiration, they absorb water while producing nutrients. After this process, they will release nearly all of this moisture back into the air around us. 

7. Help With Respiratory Complaints 

We’ve often looked at our houseplants and noticed that it might be time to do some housework and dust their leaves.

It’s for this reason that some houseplants can help with respiratory conditions such as asthma by trapping dust particles in their leaves. 

Cleverly, houseplants can also alter mold and bacteria in the air around you and reduce allergens in the air which helps asthma symptoms. They do this by a process called phytoremediation which is how plants absorb matter contained in air particles. 

8. Houseplants Benefit Us By Boosting Healing 

Adding houseplants to your home decor schemes not only helps it look like a peaceful sanctuary and well-being haven, but it can also help boost healing. 

wall mounted hanging plant shelves by braid & wood on wall in bedroom

There are a wealth of medicinal plants which can actively add to your healing processes and self-care. 

Aloe Vera is a simple miracle of a plant, just snip off the end of a leaf and squeeze over burns, scrapes, and other minor injuries for instant relief.

Try growing your own indoor herb garden containing lavender for relaxation, ginger for colds and flu remedies, and a ponytail palm to help remove toxins from the air which can slow down healing. 

9. Reduce Anxiety And Stress 

Not only can plants help to reduce stress by their appealing looks, but the actual act of caring for them can also help to lower stress levels. 

Anyone starting the process of becoming a plant parent can also immediately feel a sense of pride and an increase in self-esteem! For those new to green care, try low maintenance easy care varieties such as a Yucca, dracaena, or air plant.

10. Indoor Houseplants Can Help To Reduce Headaches 

Who knew that Pothos, Boston ferns, Snake Plants, and indoor orchids not only look stunning in a display but can also help to keep you feeling bright and alert! 

Headaches are a nuisance but by filling up your working and home spaces with greenery you can help to alleviate that miserable feeling of a headache coming on. 

Snake plants are especially good at removing toxins from the air such as formaldehyde and reducing toxins we breathe which can lead to headaches. 

According to research, snake plants have been used historically by Malaysian tribes for the removal of ear pain which can lead to headaches. 

Benefits Of Indoor Plants - Next Steps…

So with our 10 best houseplant benefits in mind, make sure you check out our store to find a beautiful collection of plant hangers, v hangers, and minimalist pots.  

They make a perfect backdrop to display your greenery and bring the outdoors in!  Using elegantly crafted natural materials, high-quality wood, and an inspirational design!

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