modern wall mounted hanging planters in living room

Make Your Home Look Beautiful with Braid & Wood's Air Plant Holder


There are a number of different ways you can add life to your walls. Chances are there's probably a blank wall somewhere in your home that needs a little love right now!

In our helpful article, we are going to share a few different ways to bring more life home and add a stylish decorating touch that's minimal and effortless.

"Decorating your home doesn't have to be complicated. Just a few small touches can go a long way and provide a big style statement."

A Vertical Statement 

modern air plant hanger in stylish living room

Braid & Wood's Classic V-Hanger Trio is an easy way to elevate your space, your style, and a few plants! 

We love how these three V-Hangers are styled in a vertical line. It moves your eye up and makes this living room feel a bit larger. The minimal design isn't overpowering in the room and the little touch of green from the air plants adds natural softness to the space. 

Dining Room Decor

three wall mounted plant shelves with air plants styled in dining room

Here, we've used three V-Hangers again to create a unique statement wall in this dining room. This time we opted for a more natural placement as opposed to a perfectly straight vertical line. 

This allowed us to fill more space on the wall.

Bedroom Duo

modern bedroom with braid & wood plant hangers in black and walnut styled above bed

We love the look of two or three V-Hangers styled in a horizontal line above a bed. It's the perfect focal point in this bedroom. 

Sometimes all you need is just a simple touch to complete a room.

Add An Air Plant

Don't forget to add a beautiful air plant to your V-Hanger. The Velutina Air Plant truly works best. All you have to do is just place it right on the V-Shelf, it will nest perfectly. 

hand holding large velutina air plant






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