neutral and stylish living room with houseplants

Modern Living Room Decor - Make Your Space Look Amazing

Are you looking for that perfect unique piece of modern living room decor to complete your space? 

One of the most simple and beautiful ways to elevate the look of your living room is to incorporate an indoor plant or two. Not only is it relatively inexpensive, it's easy to do!

neutral and modern living room with houseplants

Most people don't think of plants as decor, but with some strategic plant styling you can truly add a show stopping design element to any room.

Find an Empty Corner

I'm sure you have at least one empty corner in your living room. This is the perfect spot for a plant hanger and a pretty trailing plant.

"Ideally, this corner is close to some direct or indirect light in order to keep your new plant friend happy and healthy." 

If you are going to add just one plant hanger we recommend getting the Braid & Wood Plant Hanger in large.

It's big enough to fill out the space on its own and will create that modern finishing touch you've been looking for. 

The Modern Living Room Decor Pair

If you want to style up more than one plant hanger, you can pair up a Braid & Wood Plant Hanger in large and medium.

Hang them at varying heights for a more dramatic look and don't be afraid to go low!

"Hanging one plant hanger much lower will fill out the corner really nicely and create a major impact."  

braid and wood white modern plant hangers suspended by window with pothos houseplants

Make A Living Wall

It's beyond easy to create a modern living wall with Braid & Wood's V-Hangers. Simply stack them in a straight line, one on top of the other, on any wall in your space.

modern living wall with braid & wood v-hangers

Add in your favorite air plants and even some trailing some Spanish Moss to create a full and lush look. 

Let's Keep It Simple

This last styling tip is the most simple but doesn't compromise on style. You don't have to suspend or hang Braid & Wood products to get that "WOW" look.

Simple flat surface styling will also leave you with a big impact.

braid and wood plant hangers and houseplants styled on top of modern fireplace mantle

Add a few Braid & Wood Plant Hangers to any flat surface in your living room, like a coffee table, side table, entertainment unit, console table or mantle.

Pair with pretty pots and plants and you've completely elevated your indoor plant styling! 

In Conclusion...

Adding a touch of green to your modern living room decor is the perfect finish touch. And remember, you don't have to go overboard. A simple plant or two will give you a big style impact for not a lot of effort.



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