modern platform bed with potted plants on basket

Modern + Gorgeous Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas That Are So Easy

Are you looking for bedroom wall decor ideas that are easy and elevated? 

Well, you've come to the right place. It's time to take your bedroom styling to the next level with these simple and modern pieces of wall decor from Braid & Wood.

Create a Focal Point Above Your Bed

modern bedroom with braid & wood plant hangers in black and walnut styled above bed

Placing wall decor above your bed can be tricky. You don't what something heavy hanging over your head at night.

Leaving the space above your bed empty might not work for you either. 

We placed two Braid & Wood V-Hangers above this gorgeous bed to create a modern finishing touch.

"Adding some greenery to any space in your home will always be on trend."

If you'd like to get more ideas on which air plants work best with the Braid & Wood V-Hanger, watch this quick video on our YouTube Channel. 

Style The Wall Next To Your Bed

Braid & Wood Plant Shelves styled next to bed in primary bedroom

We added a trio of Plant Shelves on the wall adjacent to this bed. Hanging them more loosely, and not in a straight horizontal or vertical line, take better advantage of the space and fills out the wall better.

We added cute little succulents to the mini terracotta pots to finish the look. 

"Creating vertical and horizontal lines with wall decor will make your design intention look more modern, minimal and contemporary. If you opt for more organic placement, like the image above, your style with side more with traditional styles, and softer looks." 

Braid & Wood V-Hangers and Plant Shelves come in a variety of finishes from shimmery gold, to a neutral frosted white, and a bold matte black if you're going for a modern and sophisticated vibe.

Above Your Nightstand

gold air plant hanger mounted on wall above walnut nightstandDon't forget about the space right above your nightstand. You can create a beautiful vignette by placing a potted plant on your nightstand and then hanging a singular large V-Hanger or Plant Shelf on the wall right above it. 

It's simple, beautiful, and layered.

"Don't forget to create interest by styling with the different heights when it comes to your accessories."  

 In Conclusion..

Decorating your bedroom doesn't have to be super difficult. Just start small. Adding a few pieces above your bed or adjacent to it will make your entire room feel more pulled together. Accent your nightstands with pretty plants and you'll feel like you just walked into a whole new space!


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