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How To Arrange Plants In Your Living Room, the Plant Style Guide

Everyone loves a beautifully arranged burst of greenery. A relaxing oasis that can harmonize with your designs and color schemes. 

But how do you get that hip look of home mags? And what tricks and tips do you need to arrange plants in your living room like a pro? 

Join us in our helpful plant styling article and find out the definitive answer! We will also cover how to arrange plants on shelves and smaller living rooms.

Here’s the short answer so you can get started right away! 

"You can arrange plants in a living room by following a few design rules such as grouping in odd numbers and considering shape and color. Other tricks are arranging in size or mixing and matching for a more freewheeling look. Try using larger plants as visual anchors or arrange them on shelves."

In order to become a pro, let’s start off with a few basic design rules to help you style your greenery like an expert.

How To Arrange Plants In A Living Room 

However, you arrange your own personal oasis, decorating your home with the freshness of plants means you can enjoy a mini garden during every season! 

Start Small 

Plants arranged in modern living room

If you are a new houseplant parent it might be a good idea to start with just one or two houseplants. You can style indoor plants on a sunny windowsill or on a side table. 

Some of the best plants, if you are a novice gardener, are spider plants and pothos as they are well known for needing little care and attention. 

We also love Tillandsias here at Braid & Wood! These delicate, minimalist plants look stunning when displayed on our Plant Shelf. Groups of threes give a real ‘designed’ look. 

"V-Hangers made from gorgeous natural materials such as walnut and white oak add a luxury element to living room houseplant arrangements and elevate your look in more ways than one!" 

Arrange Houseplants In Your Living Room In Odd Numbers

A trio of braid & wood v-hangers styled in modern livingroom

A classic technique that designers use in many types of arrangements is the rule of off numbers. Styling your decorative items in odd numbers creates interest and unique asymmetry.

"According to interior designers, the ideal ‘group of three’ is visually appealing and eye-catching." 

So use this as a base to work from when deciding how to arrange plants in your living space.

Think About The Shape And Color Of Living Room Houseplants 

A variety of houseplants styled together in a group

By including a range of different colored and textured leaves you can bring your houseplant arrangement alive. 

You could try grouping similar colors and types together for a real statement or mix and match for a more casual look. 

Consider having tall and shorter plants together again for a more natural look which pulls the eyes around the display for more interest. 

"Mixing and matching different types of greenery.  Try arranging large upward-pointing leaves such as on a snake plant, along with a dracaena with its fountain-like foliage, combined with a trailing plant such as pothos." 

For more information on our favorite hanging plants check out our article The Best Indoor Plants That Hang Down, for more inspiration. 

Hang Greenery Above Windows In The Living Room

plant hangers suspended from ceiling in group of two Add a burst of green as a focal point in your lounging areas by hanging plants above your windows.

This is a fabulous way of making the most of smaller spaces by giving instant ‘design’ appeal. 

Compliment your hanging plants with gorgeous minimal plant pots in neutral colors such as white or tan, or for more drama add a bold darker shade for a more contemporary look.

Draping houseplants will bring instant style to your living room. Try adding in fabrics and soft furnishings with a botanical theme and group together smaller succulents on side tables to complete the theme.

Group Houseplants In A Corner Of Your Living Room 

Grouping planters together make an instant botanic statement and brings interest to an unused corner. 

Tall indoor plants placed together such as palms and cacti give a simple yet curated look. Add neutral pots for a minimal look or add hot reds and pinks for a hothouse style. 

This works well in smaller or larger living spaces. Use the rule of odd numbers or go for even for a more structured formal look.

Focus On One Type Of Houseplant In Your Living Room 

singular palm houseplant styled in livingroom

Using one large plant can make your designs pop, create drama and focus the eye. 

Putting the spotlight on one variety such as a large yucca, palm, or rubber plant is a minimalist way of arranging plants in your living room. 

If you have space, group similar types together and choose an array of mix and match pots to add texture and interest.

Place your arrangement either in a corner or by a large window for maximum impact. 

Don’t Leave Pots And Hangers As An Afterthought 

A variety of potted houseplants on floating wooden shelf

So although you might be focusing on the type of plants to arrange in your living spaces, don’t forget to spend some time thinking about the pots. 

Using stylish v hangers, beautiful hardwood plant shelves in walnut or maple, or a gorgeous minimalist neutral pot in shades of white, blush, and sand can bring your living room arrangements to life! 

The best pots and hanging shelves add style to your plants in the same way as when you put on your most stylish outfit. Dress your plants to impress!

Arrange Plants In A Reading Corner 

Plants not only transform your home interiors with their dramatic look, but they can also help to add a feeling of relaxation and serenity. 

Create an indoor oasis and design a cozy, restful reading corner. You won’t need much space just enough for a comfortable chair, a cute bookshelf, and maybe a stylish side table or small coffee table. 

Add a cost sheepskin rug in the winter months to relax and enjoy some quiet time surrounded by nature. 

"One simple large oversized floor standing plant can bring depth or if space is tighter, add plants suspended from the ceiling or hang them from the wall with plant shelves or v-hangers." 

Ok so now we’ve looked at some super stylish ways to arrange living room plants, let’s find out the best type of plants to bring your designs to life. 

Which Plants Can I Keep In My Living Room?

When it comes to houseplants, the sky is the limit! There are so many elegant, minimal and unusual plants to bring that ‘interior-designed’ look to your home! 

Houseplants for your living room not only look good, but they also have many well-being benefits. Plants can help to lower stress levels, detox your space and even act as attractive dust catchers to remove harmful pathogens that can cause skin complaints! 

In Conclusion...

We hope our helpful article has piqued your creativity and you will be soon arranging houseplants in your living room just like the professionals! 

Here at Braid & Wood, we specialize in the most elegant hanging shelves, planters, and plant stands made from high-quality natural materials such as walnut and maple.

Be sure to check out our shop and add a few to your living room! 

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