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The Best Indoor Plants That Hang Down, Something for Every Room

You can put many kinds of plants in hanging planters, but not all of them have the effortlessly stylish look of indoor plants that hang down. 

Let’s discover some of the best plants to add to your indoor living spaces, dining rooms, and even your home workspace! 

Here's a list of the best indoor plants that hang down right here along with our favorite, the gorgeously understated Tillandsia.

"There are a large number of indoor plants that hang down to make the most of your hanging spaces. Air plants and Chenille give a contemporary look. Succulents such as String of Pearls and Donkey’s Tail work well, alongside classics such as Boston Fern, English ivy, Sweetheart, and Spider plants."

Let's jump right in with one of the most well-known and loved plants that hangs down, the English Ivy. 

1. English Ivy or Hedera Helix

english ivy

English ivy is a common plant that hangs down. Outside it’s often used to give an attractive country feel on brick walls on building exteriors. Many are duplicating this look by bringing Ivy indoors. 

English ivy has elegant vines that can grow very long, so it’s best for larger areas or hung higher to allow it to grow most successfully.

2. Air Plant or Tillandsia

Air plants love a spot with plenty of light and where there is a good amount of air circulation. 

They are perfect as a low maintenance option because they don’t need soil to thrive. 

Air plants give your home a contemporary and minimalist look when hanging on our beautiful, and uber stylish Braid & Wood V-Hanger.

The elegant Tillandsia Velutina is a perfect choice for a minimalist splash of greenery. 

3. Boston Fern 

boston fern houseplant in home office

The Boston fern has elegant feathery fronds which look beautiful cascading down from an indoor hanging basket.

Although they prefer humid temperatures (such as bathrooms ) they can tolerate lower humidities.

As they have air purification properties they are perfect for bedrooms, living areas or workspaces.

4. Chenille Plant

chenille houseplant with red flowers

This plant with playful fuzzy red flowers can grow up to 6 feet. They grow very quickly and can reach incredible lengths if they are looked after properly. In the wild, they have been known to grow as long as 15 feet. 

If you prune it back regularly it will reward you with a healthy plant with new growth. 

No.4 on our list of plants that hang down, the Chenille plant is perfect for entertaining spaces or anywhere you can enjoy a pop of color. 

5. Maidenhair Fern 

maidenhair fern indoor plant in black pot sitting on table next to window

Keep this pretty fern somewhere that is fairly humid, such as the restroom or bathroom. Its name comes from its charming feathery fronds.

They prefer to hang in an evenly lit spot such as a home office or living area. 

6. Arrowhead Plant

arrowhead plant in white pot on white tabletop

This stunning indoor hanging plant is sometimes known as Arrowhead Vine or Five Fingers.

Initially, the leaves begin as an arrowhead and during the growing process change to a ‘finger’ shape. 

After some time, it will grow into a long elegant vine. Keeping the leaves untrimmed will encourage them to cascade elegantly over the side of of an indoor plant hanger.

You can find these plants in shades of green, pink, and burgundy. Arrowhead plants like humid conditions, so they’re great plants for the bathroom or kitchen.

7. Devil’s Ivy 

devils ivy indoor plant in white ceramic pot with hand holding pot

This plant is another that hangs down and is perfect for budding indoor gardeners! It requires minimal care and has fabulous trailing dark green and sometimes variegated green leaves. 

Its common name comes from the fact it’s virtually impossible to kill! 

It has a beautifully intense green vibe which will stay green even if kept in a dark room so this houseplant is great for lower light environments.

8. Heartleaf Philodendron

heart shaped leaf philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron has heart-shaped leaves which come in a range of varieties from variegated through to a deep glossy green. Mature plants might even produce white flowers.

To help care for your plants, use a damp cloth to carefully wipe the leaves as they can sometimes get a little dusty. 

They are a perfect plant for beginners to plants that hang down.  Even if you forget to water and the soil becomes bone dry this houseplant is hardy enough to continue thriving.


9. Spider Plant

spider plant

These well-loved plants that hang down are able to cover any empty spaces in your home or workplace decor. 

Filling up both horizontal and vertical spaces, their well-known spindly leaves can help you to create areas of greenery quickly as they grow extremely fast.

They are a great indoor plant if you have pets as they are pet friendly.

The easy to care for spider plant is sometimes known as the ‘ribbon plant’ or ‘airplane plant.’ 

10. Staghorn Fern 

staghorn fern leaves

This dramatic indoor hanging plant has large horn-like leaves which is where they get their name.

Since these plants are epiphytes (they don’t need soil to grow) like air plants they can be grown vertically on wood 

If you choose to mount, give your Staghorn’s roots some time to attach to the wood and hang it somewhere with lots of filtered sunlight and air circulation.

11. String of Pearls 

string of pearls houseplant

The string of pearls is a popular succulent plant with a distinctive look. 

Their little plump round pearls are filled with water to help them survive long periods of desert-type weather. 

If you have high ceilings or a large amount of vertical space to cover, the string of pearls is perfect to help create drama and interest.

If you take care with this plant you may even find it will bloom pretty little white flowers. 

12. Trailing Jade 

trailing jade plant in black rectangular planter

Trailing jade plants are often found around rocks and crevices in their tropical native home.

They are a smallish plant with a matching root system so take care not to overwater as it can damage the plant quite significantly. 

Only water it when the soil is dry to the touch to avoid too much water. 

It’s a perfect plant for smaller areas in your home or those where you might want to group smaller plants together.

13. Golden Pothos 

golden pothos houseplants hanging from modern plant hangers in livingroom

This elegant indoor plant that hangs down has beautiful variegated golden-yellow leaves. 

It loves a home with moderate light to help the leaves keep their glorious sunny color.

This is another plant with detoxifying qualities and is perfect for displaying in your bedroom to help aid restful sleep.

14. String of Nickels 

string of nickels plant

The string of nickels has unusual coin-shaped leaves and gorgeous silver zones on its leaves. 

Although they look ornate, they are surprisingly easy to care for. 

They love a home with bright filtered light and if growing in a pot, only water when the soil is dry.

We love our Plant Hanger in Classic Shimmer with stylish brass plated stainless steel rings and maple wood on this moody accent wall for the perfect backdrop to your string of nickels plant.

15. Ripple Peperomia

peperomia houseplant

These beautiful indoor plants that hang down are available in a stunning array of colors to compliment your interiors.

They have pretty heart-shaped leaves that come in a variety of colors including green, red, gray, and cream.

16. Burro’s Tail

burros tail houseplant

Another popular succulent for those new to indoor houseplants. They hold water in their thick and fleshy leaves so they are able to tolerate long periods of time without water and prefer a sunny spot in your home. 

As they can grow quite long they are perfect for ceiling hanging to give them the freedom to trail and grow. 

17. Bird’s Nest Fern 

birds nest fern in white ceramic pot

When in their native home, Bird’s Nest is an epiphyte and prefers a loose, well-draining soil – something that holds moisture but has also excellent aeration.

The shape of their leaves depends on the amount of sun they get, so those with more exposure to the sun have a more ‘scrunched up’ look than their flatter counterparts who live in less sunny spots in your home. 

As their native home is in a rainforest, they are perfect for hanging in bathrooms and restrooms to keep the humidity high. 

And Finally...

We hope that’s given you a great list to choose from of indoor plants that hang down, or trail and some ideas for styling your indoor plant incorporating our products.

Be sure to check out our great selection of modern hanging planters for all your plants that hang down!

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