Are Hanging Plants Out of Style?

Are Hanging Plants Out of Style?

In the ever-changing interior design landscape, it can be tricky keeping up with the latest styles.

It's pretty apparent that indoor plants are storming away in the style stakes! From extra-large Fiddle Leaf Figs to classic palms, Asparagus Ferns, and Air Plants, it's houseplants that are stealing the limelight!

So it’s no surprise to those asking, ‘are hanging plants out of style?’ To add a touch of contemporary greenery to your indoor spaces adding the calming and restful addition of hanging plants will channel your inner style guru!

So that we can get started straight away by creating a calming indoor plant haven to bring a little restorative calm to your home and working spaces, let’s get the quick answer for you.

hanging philodendron houseplant

"Hanging plants hung from walls and ceilings remain popular. Only the style of the plant itself changes gradually over time. Hang greenery from porches, and anywhere with an elegant high ceiling, or style indoor plants using plant hangers and plant shelves to bring a cohesive, contemporary splash of nature to your interiors."

Ok so now we’ve got the definitive answer that hanging plants are 100% NOT out of style, let’s start by discovering why you hang plants to create a green oasis in your home space.

Why Should I Style Hanging Plants In My Home?

Perfect For Small Spaces

small modern living room styled with houseplants

Hanging up an indoor garden is a great way of styling plants if you are short on floor space. Bringing a calm green oasis into more compact areas such as home offices or smaller living areas means you can hone your interior designer skills and add a splash of greenery at eye level.

Pet Friendly

cat looking at houseplant leaf

As many more of us are becoming proud pet parents, styling your greenery above the ground means there won’t be any issues with puppies or new kittens taking a mini lunch from your houseplants! Styling hanging indoor plants off accessible areas such as furniture surfaces and floors means your fur babies can be safer.

Mental Health

Whether you are relaxing at the end of a hard day, if you are enjoying a hot steamy bath or even working away in your home office, hanging plants are number one for adding a touch of calm, peace, and serenity to your environment. Hanging plants are also an affordable way to bring a sense of serenity and beauty to your environment.

A recent study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that indoor plants of all kinds including hanging plants, styled in your home or office can make you feel more comfortable, soothed, and natural.

Air Quality

Styling plants in your home which include hanging plants off the floor, can also improve overall air quality by filtering out pollutants. A stylish, minimal hanging plant, such as a The Tillandsia Velutina can boost your health simply through the aesthetics of greenery.

Healing & Wellbeing

A 2002 review of the scientific research discovered that people recuperating from several kinds of surgery needed less pain medication and had shorter hospital stays than people who weren’t looking at greenery during their recovery periods.

Ok so now we’ve discovered the best reasons to design and style your home with some houseplant decor, let’s find out some of the best ways to create a hanging plant style statement.

How Can I Create “Style” With Hanging Plants?

Let’s go through the main ways you can use plants to create a unique and contemporary style.

Treat Plants Like Art

A beautiful installation of wall mounted plant hangers not only gives you a touch of indoor greenery but it also makes a super arty style statement.

Wall mounted plant hangers grouped together to fill blank space on your wall will elevate any room. Alongside bringing wonderful sensory benefits and life into your home and workspaces.

Style In Groups

two modern hanging planters suspended from ceiling next to window

Customize your own modern set of hanging planters, perfect for the corner of any space.

To really give your space an interior-designed look, hang your plants in duos or trios, perhaps in a corner of a room to add interest close to a window.

A perfect place to style indoor hanging plants is an empty corner by a window. However, even in a smaller space, a hanging arrangement of indoor houseplants can add a wow factor to your living or home-working style!

Style With V-Hanger Air Plant Holder's

braid & wood v-hangers with matte black rings styled on the wall in a modern living room

Air plants can look simply stunning when styled on beautiful quality walnut Braid & Wood V-Hanger.

Here at Braid & Wood, we know exactly how a V-Hanger can ramp up your minimalist style game and provide a contemporary look to all areas in your home!

With thoughtful little details like matte black plated stainless steel rings and superb quality hardwood such as dark walnut, complemented by a touch of leather, this air plant holder will really elevate the look and feel of your indoor plants.

Our best style tip for hanging air plants is to use Braid & Wood V-Hangers against a wall for maximum impact.

Air plants can look simply stunning when styled on beautiful quality wooden V-Hangers.

Use A Hanging Shelf

modern hanging shelf for houseplants styled in bedroom

One of the most stylish ways to hang indoor plants is to use a hanging shelf.  Elevate your plants... literally!

Some of the best hanging shelves are beautifully made and designed out of high-quality hard wood with gorgeous little extra details such as leather trims.

Take your houseplant styling to the next level and add a modern touch to your indoor plants.

"One of the most stylish ways to hang indoor plants is to use a hanging shelf."

How Do I Hang A Plant From My Ceiling?

Now we know for sure that hanging plants are definitely NOT out of style! The next question you might be wondering is how to get a stylish houseplant to hang in your home.

Although it looks effortlessly stylish with greenery hanging elegantly from your ceiling, it does require a little organization and a few DIY essentials.

Read on to find out more!

Hang A Plant Hook From Your Ceiling

Hanging a plant hook using a drywall anchor and a ceiling hook is the most secure and the safest way, especially if you plan to hang a heavy planter. If you can find a stud/joist in your ceiling that's even better.

Here's a few simple steps to hang your planter:

  • Drill a small pilot hole into the drywall with a drill bit slightly smaller than the size of the drywall anchor being used
  • Press the drywall anchor into the pilot hole and then hammer the rest of the way in
  • Hand-screw the hook into the drywall anchor 
  • Hang your planter and enjoy

You can also view this helpful tutorial. All of our plant hangers come with a drywall anchor, ceiling hook, and even a hanging cord.

And Finally…

So there we are! Lots of fabulous reasons why hanging plants aren’t going anywhere soon when it comes to styling and decorating your home.

From creating a statement with a modern living wall, to a stylish group of three hung at different levels, or using Plant Shelves and V-Hangers, you can style your indoor plants like a pro!

For a modern and minimal edge to your indoor plant decor, don't forget to check out our video on how to assemble and style all of your favorite Braid & Wood hanging planters

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