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Top 10 Indoor Wall Plants to Inspire Your Indoor Designs

Creating a cascading green oasis is not only a stylish addition to your interior design goals, but it can also create a calming environment for your home. Join us and discover our top ten favorite 10 indoor wall plants to create an on-trend hanging and draping indoor retreat. Whether you are looking for a draping vine, air plant display, or perhaps even preserved moss, the choice is yours. 

Let’s dive straight in and discover our specially curated top 10 indoor wall plant recommendations: 

  • Devils ivy 
  • Lipstick plant 
  • Preserved moss
  • Boston fern 
  • Chenille plant
  • Tillandsia
  • Mistletoe cactus 
  • Morning glory
  • Fish one cactus 
  • Silver philodendron 

1. Devils Ivy 

devils ivy houseplant close up of leaves

It’s no surprise that Ivy makes our top ten list of indoor wall plants. With their vine-like stems and attractive foliage, they make a beautiful relaxed natural statement on your Interior walls. 

Devils Ivy is no exception. Alongside their natural cascading visuals, Ivy is very forgiving of newbie plant parents. Devil's Ivy gets its common name from being virtually impossible to kill!  

Its heart-shaped dark green foliage will stay intense and glossy even if it’s kept in the dark, so it’s perfect for low-light areas such as basements or bathrooms. 

This plant gets its common (non-Latin) name from the fact that it’s practically impossible to kill. Devil’s Ivy is an evergreen vine and stays green even when kept in the dark.

We love to pair it with our Salt Pot to make its color pop. 

2. Lipstick Plant 

lipstick houseplant with red flowers sitting on top of table

The best indoor wall plants will create a dramatic flourish of beautiful flowers and lush foliage without taking up valuable floor space. 

This is why we love the lipstick plant with its striking tubular-shaped flowers that elegantly emerge from a slightly darker case exactly like lipstick. 

It can grow up to 70 cm in length so is perfect for a mini wall statement or in more confined areas. Its rich glossy green leaves take over once the flowers have subsided. 

3. Preserved Moss 

preserved moss in white ceramic bowl

Living walls are in style currently and provide a wonderful nature boost inside homes and commercial spaces. 

Not only do they look completely stunning on a wall, but they also do double duty as an acoustic solution. 

Although a considerable investment in terms of time and money, we just had to include preserved moss on our top ten list of indoor wall plants. 

These amazing features can live for a staggering 25 years if given the correct environment but do need regular maintenance, fertilizer, and access to either natural light or artificial grow lights 

4. Boston Fern 

boston fern indoor plant placed in modern office

The delicate lace-like fronds of Boston Ferns are very well known and make a beautiful hanging arrangement draping elegantly on walls. 

They do best when hung lower on a wall rather than near the ceiling as they prefer a regular airflow to look and feel their best! 

Not only do they give a minimal splash of green to your interior walls but they purify the air and are also completely safe for pet parents. 

5. Chenille Plant 

chenille plant with red flowers

These quick-growing plants make a stunning display inside your home and especially if you want a pop of their red tails. 

With a texture just like fabric (hence their name), these elegant cascading plants can reach great lengths,.

Native to South America, and in their natural habitat they grow to an incredible 25 feet in length! So prune regularly to increase growth and enjoy their colorful splash. 

6.Tillandsia (Air Plant) 

three wall mounted plant shelves with air plants styled in dining room

With so many different varieties available of this stylish minimal indoor wall plant you will be spoiled for choice! 

Well known as easy to care for, Tillandsia brings a contemporary look to your wall interiors. 

To keep them at their best, completely submerge in water once every couple of weeks, especially in areas of low humidity, and Tillandsia will reward you with a glorious fresh modern splash of green. 

Our beautifully designed V Hanging Shelves are the perfect backdrop for the achingly exotic Tillandsia. 

7. Mistletoe Cactus 

mistletoe cactus plant sitting on window sill

This stylish minimal cactus is easy to care for and provides a neat restrained display for your indoor wall areas. 

Similar to Tillandsia, in its native environment, it grows by attaching itself to another species. but in the case of mistletoe cactus, rotting leaves, and moss. 

A cute little extra is that the berries it produces can be eaten and taste like grapes! It also produces clusters of teeny flowers during the growing season. 

It can grow up to 20 ft long in its natural habitat but as they grow fairly slowly, you won’t need to tackle its length in a hurry. Unlike most cacti, it doesn’t particularly like direct sunlight. 

8. Morning Glory 

morning glory hanging houseplant with purple flowers

The morning glory is a simple houseplant to grow. Because of its cornflower blue flowers and long drape it creates an elegant look. 

Perfect to grow from seed, morning glory will reward you with a beautiful display in less than a few months. Its vine-like structure makes it ideal for walk hanging and its attractive heart-shaped leaves will bring an elegant touch to your indoor planting. 

9. Fishbone Cactus 

fishbone cactus next to window

This show-stopping indoor wall plant has leaves with wavy edges which resemble zig zags and is often known as the ‘zigzag plant’. 

It provides a dramatic cascade with its pretty scented white flowers and other edible fruit similar to the mistletoe cactus but taste like gooseberries! 

It grows to a sensible 30cm in length and as it hails from rainforest regions, it will thrive best in the shade away from direct sunlight. 

To enjoy fishbone cactus at its best, feed it with a cactus fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season and keep the soil moist in winter. 

10. Silver Satin Pothos

silver satin pothos leaves

This classic houseplant is perfect for a wall display, and for that reason makes our top 10 indoor wall plants.

Its vine stems and dark green leaves are lifted by a touch of silver for a teeny bit of minimal bling! Some varieties are all green and some are mainly silver. 

In its native home, it’s a ground-spreading plant but will wrap itself around trees, which gives it a graceful trail perfect for wall displays. 

It prefers medium light without direct sunlight, and its perfect location is on a wall opposite an east-facing window. To keep it at its best, water weekly during the growing season. 

Indoor Wall Plants – And To Finish With…

So whether you are looking for a dramatic architectural living wall, or maybe just a hanging display of pretty pots on your kitchen wall, we hope we’ve got you inspired! 

To discover our beautiful luxury range of pots, plant shelves, and plant hangers to bring your wall arrangements to life, head over to our store to find gorgeous neutral shades such as classic shimmer, dark and stormy, and light and airy. 

All Braid & Wood products are made from high-quality woods such as hard maple, white oak, and dark walnut, then sealed with a clear coat matte water-resistant finish to keep the natural look of the wood grain. They’re perfect to bring your wall displays to life.

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