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Learn How To Assemble & Hang The V-Hanger

We're going to walk you through a few easy hanging & styling tips so your Braid & Wood V-Hanger will look it's best.

We also created a very short & sweet video tutorial, so if you're more of a visual person, just click here to watch

"We make things pretty simple around here, the Braid & Wood V-Hanger comes to you fully assembled so you don't have to do much to add some life to your walls."

Prep The V - Before You Hang

Before you hang the V-Hanger on the wall, the first thing you need to do is make sure the leather strap detail at the top of the hanger is fully covering the silicone connector tube. Simply adjust the leather to cover the tube. 

Next, make sure the leather strap is facing the right way when you hang it against the wall. You'll want the screw-back to be facing the wall when it's hung and styled. It will look a lot nicer this way. 

Center the V on the inner ring. Don't be afraid to move it around to get it just right. 

Hanging Supplies

Now that you have the V-Hanger adjusted, you're ready to hang it on your wall. You'll need the following tools:

How To Hang

Just follow these easy steps to get your V-Hanger hung on your wall:

  • Hammer the nail or picture hanger hook combo into your wall
  • Hang V-Hanger on the nail or picture hanger hook from the top 1.5" ring
  • Adjust the rings if needed in order to get the V-Shelf centered
  • Adjust the V-Shelf a bit too if needed, don't be afraid to move it around 

That's it! Congrats, you've just taken your indoor plant styling to the next level.

Watch the Video

Need a little more guidance? Check out our helpful video tutorial on the Braid & Wood YouTube Channel. 


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